Libyan Women For Peace Festival in Benghazi On the International Women’s Day

For Immediate Release

Benghazi, 5th March 2016- Libyan Women’s Platform for Peace will  bring together Libyan women & youth from different walks of life at a unique social and cultural peace event in the embattled eastern city of Benghazi, marking International Women’s Day on 8 March. As part of the newly established partnership with RNW Media, LWPP & RNW will collaborate to organize the first international Festival in Benghazi during the war.

The Libyan Women For Peace Festival is aimed to celebrate the continuous efforts of civil society organizations and grass root movements in the war-torn city. It will shed light on civic, humanitarian & charitable initiatives of the local community, and spread awareness of the importance of upholding social and cultural life in times of war & conflict .

Zahra’ Langhi, Co-Founder & Director of LWPP: “ The Libyan Women For Peace Festival will shed light on the vibrant role civil society still plays in Benghazi. It will highlight the resilience of the local community in Benghazi, a war torn city abandoned by the International community. Though working in challenging circumstances, civil society has not yet lost faith in inclusive democracy and thus deserves much support to foster its resilience. ”

LWPP and RNW Media’s Huna Libya Project will facilitate the event, which will be run by local society organizations and activists. Around 500 women and youth activists are expected to attend. The main activities include:

  • The showcasing of local NGOs & grass root organizations projects including the Scout, in order to highlight civil society & its role in rebuilding the local community in Benghazi.
  • A debate on women’s rights in Libya and whether the international conventions contradict the Sharia’ or not. The audience will be actively engaged and will be able to participate through an instant voting system.
  •   The screening of Justice For Salwa is Justice for All documentary, produced by LWPP, highlighting the role of human rights defenders in Libya and the challenges they face. The Documentary commemorates a female prominent activist Salwa Bughaighis and Tawfik Bin Saud among others whose assassinations have had a major impact on the entire country.
  •   Various cultural art activities and musical concert including a concert by Guys Underground, who have written a special song about Libyan women’s struggle for peace for the occasion.
  •      The graduation of the first class in the Internally Displaced Women Empowerment Program, which has been recently launched by LWPP.

Huna Libya coordinator Karima Idrissi: “This event is special because of its sheer scale and its focus on civil society in Libya. But also for giving a rare platform to local women and young activists to share their views and claim their rights. And of course, it brings a message of peace and hope to a city in the throes of civil war.”

Libyan Women for Peace Festival in Benghazi will be streamed live on the internet and broadcast live on various local TV and radio channels. Other media will provide coverage as well. A stable internet service will be provided for the attendees to use for posting their instant feedback on social media. Our Hashtag will be #LyWomenForPeace





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