An interview with Najla Mangoush on LWPP’s campaign in collaboration with other CSOs to End Violence against Women (March 2013)

An interview with Zahra’ Langhi on the UN Bill to End Violence Against Women

Woodrow Wilson Center dialogue on Challenges to Women’s Security in the MENA Region featuring Zahra’ Langhi, Co-Founder of the LWPP (March 7, 2013)

Zahra’ Langhi: Why Revolutions didn’t work and what might – Ted X Talks (December 2012)

Presentation on security by a senior police officer in front of the Head of GNC at LWPP’s December 2012 Peace Platform Conference (clip)

A guide prepared by Legal expert Salah Merghani on the electoral process
Program on LWPP’s campaign Libya Nadat or Amend it, Don’t Marginalize Me
(interview of Salah Merghani, now Justice minister)
Report on Karama and the LWPP’s Consultation on the Constitutional drafting process in Tripoli
Report on Karama‘s launching of LWPP
(with an interview with Hibaaq Osman, Founder and CEO of Karama)

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